Fixed Service Management

The Process

  • Definition of program’s scope and baseline.
  • Turning your knowledge into a precise and measurable baseline.
  • Definition of process and structure for our program’s organization – including the
  • management of your preferred selection of suppliers.
  • Executing the delivery of your overall program by driving subsequent projects.
  • Monitoring each project and providing regular quality and assurance reviews.
  • Providing you with a baseline business case including revisions and support to achieve it.

What You'll Get

  • An enterprise-to-enterprise (E2E) service for your program completely managed from the strategy down to closure reports under fixed-price terms.
  • A senior team with more than 20+ years of management experience to help you lead your program’s strategy and execute the entire process.
  • Documented and measurable benefits available at every stage of the program.
  • An option to review the business case at any stage of the project
  • An advantage of avoiding the risk of over-budget executions. We implement early warning mechanisms, that are supported by strict internal processes and procedures
  • Customer experience follow-ups

The Benefits

  • An option to transfer the risks of defining and executing the program to us.
  • You can still old on to your preferred suppliers, supervised by our team of professionals
  • Monitoring of the business case and making sure the program meets agreed goals.
  • Transparent monitoring of the costs, quality and time needed to deliver the business case.
  • Fixed price that encompasses our 20+ years of professional experience.
  • Continuous managing of the program delivery within a defined scope, to meet the KPI’s that were agreed upon.


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